Venue – FAQ

Q. Can we bring our own alcohol be served during my event?
A. No this is a licensed venue and as such all alcohol must be purchased at the venue

Q. What are bar prices like?
A. Clubhouse bar prices are consistently lower than most other pubs and clubs in the Darwin area.

Q. What time is the licence to?
A. The licence is until midnight – no exceptions.

Q. When can I promote my event?
A. You must not advertise your event until you have received written confirmation that your event has been approved. 

Q. Do we need to sign in?
A. Yes because the venue operates as a licensed club which is different to a tavern licence.

Q. What sort of furniture is provided?
A. There are sufficient trestle tables and chairs to seat 70 pax as well as several high tables and stools.

Q. What do I do if I need help in an emergency?
A. In the case of an emergency you must contact Charles Darwin University security on 8946 7777.

Q. Can I bring my own sound equipment?
A. Yes on the understanding that the University Pirates or Charles Darwin University take no responsibility for its safety.

Q. Is cleaning provided?
A. The hirer must remove all rubbish from the public area including patio and immediate oval and carpark area. General cleaning is provided by UPRUFC.

Q. Can we bring kids?
A. Yes as long as they are with a guardian and are supervised.

Q. Can I choose my own caterer?
A. Yes, but please ensure they have the correct location and find out if they have any special requirements regarding power, water, access etc. Please note that the clubhouse does not have proper kitchen facilities.  

Q. Can I charge admission for my event?  
A. Only by prior arrangement with UPRUFC   

Q. Can I decorate the venue?
A. Yes, but you need to negotiate a time to access the venue prior to the event. You must also remove all decorations immediately after the event.